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Professional Development

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New Resources and Webinars on Standards and Assessments

Student Achievement Partners has released ready-to-use professional development modules to assist educators in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. These modules contain resources for educators, including research, discussion topics, activities, web and video tools, and more.


This training video offers the following topics:

  • Bringing Common Core to Life
  • An Introduction to Reading and Writing Common Core Style
  • Common Core Standards: Integrating Local Accountability and a Comprehensive Assessment System

The Teaching Channel Videos

Teaching to Common Core Standards: Examples for Elementary, Middle, & High School


Let's Chat Core (The Teaching Channel):

Ongoing Common Core Professional Development

ELA/Literacy Gr. 6-12 – “Developing Core Proficiencies” (Free Curriculum Units) Odell Education

The Developing Core Proficiencies Curriculum is an integrated set of English Language Arts/Literacy units spanning grades 6-12. Funded by the USNY Regents Research Fund, the free curriculum is comprised of a series of four 3-4 week units at each grade level that provide direct instruction on a set of literacy proficiencies at the heart of the Common Core State Standards. Each unit highlights a core literacy proficiency and provides approaches, instructional sequences, handouts, tools and texts for developing independent mastery and creative critical thinking in students.


Easy access to evidence-based tools and resources to help middle and high school educators implement the Common Core State Standards. The site includes videos and instructional resources from the Literacy Design Collaborative and the Shell Centre for Mathematical Education. Registered users can save their searches, organize tools, and annotate resources.

Center on Instruction
A document, BUILDING THE FOUNDATION – A Suggested Progression of Sub-skills to Achieve the Reading Standards: Foundational Skills in the Common Core State Standards, has been added to the Center on Instruction website. The publication is based on an analysis that determined the sub-skills students need to achieve in each of the Foundational Skills in the CCSS. Each of the grade-level sections target: Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Word Recognition, and Fluency. It also includes instructional examples aligned to the sub-skills, giving teachers samples of activity types that facilitate acquisition.

PD Online Articles

Nine ways Common Core will change classroom practice by Robert Rothman -- Harvard Education Letter, July/Aug 2012 

Achieve the Core -- Professional Development Modules

Student Achievement Partners has released a series of 7 free Professional Development Modulesto support teachers, principals and others educators and leaders in their transition to the CCSS. 

Common Core State Standards Technology Integration Instructional Modules from California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP)

This site is designed to assist educational professionals with the task of preparing teachers and students to excel in the Common Core environment, while developing the necessary technology integration skills for mastery of content and performing well on the Smarter Balanced Assessment.