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Listen and Learn

We are developing our strategic plan for reaching our goals through focus, alignment and coherence. That means that we all agree on the work that is key to achieving our goals, and we all know our roles, responsibilities and opportunities in reaching those expectations on behalf of our students and families.

When complete, the plan will include goals in 6 areas: A good strategic plan is
  • Student Learning and Achievement
  • Tactical, Proactive and Efficient Asset Management
  • Robust Communication, Community Engagement and Advocacy
  • Effective Employee Relations and Resource Management
  • Equity-Centered Leadership and Inclusive Organizational Culture
  • Strategic, Impactful Governance and Policy Implementation
  • based in data
  • built in collaboration with the people it affects
  • implemented in a specific time frame
  • both measurable (did we do what we said we would?) and flexible (The situation has changed; we need to revise our plan to reflect new data).



July 2018 - September 2018

  • One-on-one meetings with Board members, local officials, District administrators, union leaders, committee leaders, and educational partners’ executive leadership
  • Team Meetings with all District office departments across the instructional, human resources, and business and operations divisions
  • Group Meetings with site administrators, teachers, support staff, parent organizations, student leadership groups, community organizations, business leaders, service groups, foundations, and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Town Hall Community Engagement Events open to parents and community members at large
What's Happening Now

October 2018 - December 2018

  • Analysis of the data gathered during Listen & Learn for emerging themes and trends to provide the Board of Education, staff and the community  with a summary of findings
  • Review of the findings as well as the current strategic plan's goals and initiatives and the current budget plan by the Board of Education and the Superintendent
  • Recommendation of revisions or adjustments to the current strategic efforts, goals, initiatives and budgetary priorities
The Next Step

Strategic Plan