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Facilities Master Plan


Facilities Needs through 2025



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Facilities Master Plan?

In November 2015, the Board of Education approved a Facilities Master Plan through 2025, including our education goals and the improvements we need to make to attain them:

  • COMPLETE SEISMIC SAFETY UPGRADES at 11 schools to meet new State earthquake safety standards.

  • REBUILD or RELOCATE three 1950’s-era schools recently identified to be on/near active earthquake fault lines.

  • REPLACE aging roofs, windows, plumbing, heating, lighting, and electrical systems with more efficient and sustainable systems to save money and protect the environment.

  • IMPROVE school safety—including campus fencing, video cameras, fire-safety and security alarms.

  • MODERNIZE aging classrooms, science labs and technology infrastructure to keep pace with 21st century teaching and learning.

  • UPGRADE classrooms and training facilities for vocational and Career Technology Education (CTE).

  • CONSTRUCT new, flexible classrooms to relieve overcrowding in the southern part of the school district.

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