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Accountability Dashboard


California School Dashboard


To help parents and educators identify strengths and areas for improvement, California reports how districts, schools (including alternative schools serving high-risk students), and student groups are performing across state and local measures.

For state measures, performance is based on two factors:

  1. Current year results, and
  2. Whether results improved from the prior year.

Performance on state measures, using comparable statewide data, is represented by one of five colors. The performance level (color) is not included when there are fewer than 30 students in any year. This is represented using a grey color dial with the words 'No Performance Color'.

lowest to highest performances examples

State measures include chronic absenteeism, graduation rate, suspension rate, and academic (which includes performance in English language arts/literacy and mathematics). Future state measures will include performance on the California Science Test.

Local measures are reported by school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools based on data available only at the local level. These measures include clean and safe buildings, school climate, parent engagement, and access to a broad course of study. This information is not available for individual schools or student groups.

Based on performance on state and local measures, schools and districts may be identified for support to improve student outcomes.

Based on the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which was passed in 2013, California's accountability system is based on multiple measures. These measures are used to determine progress made by schools, districts and county offices of education ("Local Education Agencies" -- LEAs) toward meeting the needs of their students. The measures are based on factors that contribute to a quality education, including high school graduation rates, college/career readiness, student test scores, English learner (EL) progress, suspension rates, and parent engagement.

The sweeping overhaul of California's Accountability and Continuous Improvement System, ushered in with the LCFF, not only gives California a chance to address historical inequities, but provides the California Department of Education an opportunity to better support California's schools and its students.

Performance on these multiple measures are reported through the California School Dashboard. This accountability system reflects a clear expectation that all LEAs and schools can and should improve, and emphasizes equity by focusing on student group performance. This multiple measures system replaces the former Academic Performance Index (API), which was based solely on testing results, and the federal requirement to calculate Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).

LEA and school performance in the ten LCFF priority areas are measured using a combination of state and local indicators.

Parent Resources

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2019 Parent Guide to the California School Dashboard(PDF)
This guide will provide an overview of the local and state measures and how performance is measured and reported on the Dashboard
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Getting to Know the California School Dashboard (PDF)
The Dashboard is an online tool designed to help communities across the state access important information about K-12 schools and districts.
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Getting to Know the Measures (PDF)
The Dashboard features six state measures that provide important information on how schools are serving their students.
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How Dashboard Colors are Determined (PDF)
The Dashboard shows performance of districts, schools, and student groups on a set of state and local measures that assist in identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of improvement.
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How to View Performance of a School or District on the 2019 Dashboard(PDF)
A quick how-to guide on viewing performance levels on the 2019 Dashboard for school or district.

How to Compare Schools(PDF)
A brief guide on how to compare schools on the Dashboard.

Exploring the Equity Report(PDF)
Equity is at the Heart of California's Accountability System. The Dashboard shines a light on both the successes and challenges that county offices, districts, and schools are experiencing in addressing disparities.
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