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Understanding Test Scores

More Testing Information and Resources for Parents

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CAASPP Opt Out Option for Parents

California Ed Code section 60615 states parents or guardians have the right to exclude their child/children from any or all parts of CAASPP testing. Requests to excuse a child from testing must be submitted in writing, each year, to site administration, including students with active Individual Education Plans (IEPs). 

There are resources on this webpage to help parents understand test results.

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) test is actually a collection of standards-based tests. These parent brochures provide more information:

The CAASPP test is just one measure of progress.

It is one of several indicators, in combination with report cards, teacher feedback, and classwork used to create a complete picture of a student’s progress in school.

This test focuses on real-world skills such as critical thinking, analytical writing, and problem solving.
Students are asked to do more than fill in the bubbles on a multiple choice test. They now have an opportunity to show their work and explain their reasoning as part of the testing process.

The test is connected to classroom instruction.
The test matches the skills and content that students are learning and practicing in the classroom on a daily basis. Each grade level has clear, prioritized goals that describe what students need to know and understand before the end of that year, and the test is mapped to those goals.

Scores will be used to improve instruction.
The results identify where students are doing well and where they need additional support in order to meet grade level expectations. Teachers will use the results to address students’ individual strengths and areas in need of improvement.

For more information, visit the links on this page or contact the school principal.