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A digital landing site for students that houses online learning tools, Clever provides a single sign-on that gives students instant access to all of the programs we will use, in one place. Once students log into Clever at the beginning of the school day, they will have a “one-stop-shop” to access most of the tools they need.

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Setting Up Clever

To set up Clever the first time, either:

Access Clever through this URL:


Access using the Clever Chrome extension (NVUSD Chromebooks have it installed).

1. If prompted, enter School Name (Ex: Northwood Elementary Napa or Napa Valley Unified School District)
2. Click Log in with Google. If you don’t see the log in with Google button, or the button is not letting you in, you are not logged in to your NVUSD Google account and need to go back to the previous step.
3. Take a Tour of Your Clever Student Portal. From the Student portal, students can access Teacher(s) Pages as well as General Resources with the click of a button. They will be able to quickly get to Zoom classes, Google Classroom, Seesaw and other online platforms from this jumping-off point.

Clever Tips

If you don't have the Clever Extension on your device, you can add it to your Chrome Browser after you have set up Clever.

On some devices, your Chrome extensions menu might look like a Puzzle Piece icon. Click it and then select the pushpins for those extensions you want to pin to your address bar, like Clever.

With one click of the Clever extension icon at the top of your Chrome window, Clever will open up and automatically log you in.

If you have issues with your password and need it reset, please reach out to Sage Bauer, associate information specialist, at

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