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COVID-19 Response Task Force for the 2020-21 School Year



The purpose of the task force is to serve as a varied stakeholder advisory body that will develop the data driven planning assumptions and scenarios the district will adopt for its decision making moving forward in response to the evolving circumstances the pandemic imposes. In addition, the committee is designed to work collaboratively and productively using elements of NVUSD’s Interest Based Problem Solving approach.





The composition outlined below is based upon an analysis of the various dimensions of the planning that will need attention and consideration for implementation. We thank everyone in advance for understanding that we cannot have every group or classification represented as we aim to keep the task force a manageable size of approximately 30 participants. The task force is composed of the executive cabinet team and the following administrators, employee representatives and other key stakeholders:

Superintendent Dr. Rosanna Mucetti
Board Member (1) Cindy Watter
Assistant Superintendents Mike Pearson, Dana Page, Rob Mangewala, Pat Andry-Jennings
Instructional Directors Peter Hartnack, Matt Manning, Mike Mansuy, Terri Lynne Ricetti, Sarah Knox
Operational Services Directors Gloria Aguiar, Albert Desouza, Brandy Dreibelbis, Terry Guzman
Human Resources Director Elizabeth Gonzalez
Principals (1 from each elementary/middle/high) Janine Burt (elementary), Maryanne Christofferson (middle), Monica Ready (high school) 
Social Worker/NAPS Member Kristin Nelson
NVEA Representatives Gayle Young, Kimberly Murphy-Crane, Deb St. Clair, Stefanie LaMarca
Certificated Nurse (1) Kate Scudero
CSEA Representatives Hector Gallegos, Debbie Ward, Jill Madron
Parents  (3 members of the superintendent parent advisory committee and/or serve in a leadership role at their schools) Katie Aaron, Steve Green, Michelle Francis
High School Students (one student from a comprehensive high school and one from a smaller, alternative high school) Krystlee Lopez (NTHS),  Perla Rodriguez-Covarrubias (VHS) 

  • Teaching and Learning (Pat Andry-Jennings)
  • Health and Safety (Mike Mansuy)
  • Facilities and Operations (Mike Pearson)


Initial Summer Meeting Dates

Wednesday, 6/10
8:30-11:30 am
agenda presentation
Friday, 6/12
8:30-11:30 am
agenda presentation
Wednesday, 6/17
1:00- 4:00 pm
agenda presentation
Friday, 6/19
8:30-11:30 am
agenda presentation