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Middle School Boundaries

NVUSD is proposing new middle school boundaries for the 2022-2023 school year. On June 2, a public community meeting was held to discuss the proposal. You can review the materials below and send any feedback to

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will Harvest resident students attend middle school?

Students will attend either Redwood or Silverado. New middle school boundary lines will be drawn and Harvest resident students will receive a new school of residence based upon their address.


Does this new boundary change where my child attend’s school next year, 2021-22?

No, students will attend schools as planned for next school year.


Will transportation be provided?

This boundary change does not affect next year. Review and planning for transportation will occur throughout next year and families will be notified prior to 2022-23. 


What if I want my child to attend a school that is different from the new boundary?

You may participate in Open Enrollment. 


What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment provides families the option to apply to a school other than a student’s resident school. Parents/guardians complete an online application. The Open Enrollment period runs from October 1 - November 30.


Will my child receive an Open Enrollment priority?  

Yes, students impacted by school closures will receive a priority for 2022/23. This is Board Policy. (BP 5116.1) 


What if a family wants siblings to be together in a school that is not their resident school? 

Siblings of students already in attendance in a school, and who will be attending the school the same year a new sibling is entering the school, receive sibling preference. (BP 5116.1)