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TIER 1- Schoolwide PBIS


TIER 1: Schoolwide Components of BEST/PBIS

Schoolwide Expectations - Matrix, Pacing Calendars, Lessons

Systematic Supervision - article IVDB

Positive Reinforcement - tickets, Reward Lists

Correct Behavioral Errors - ODRs, Sanction, Restoration, Treatment, District Discipline Policy

Social Emotional Learning - Second Step, Steps to Respect

Classroom Management

Action Planning

Parents and Community

BEST Videos - Teaching Expectations


Peace Path


No Tardy Man

BEST Overview Northwood

Lunchtime Procedures - NVLA

Teach Schoolwide Expectations

Positively Reinforce Behavior

Correct Behavioral Errors

Classroom Management

Managing NonCompliance.jpgManaging Non Compliance  - K-12  preview here

Defusing Anger.jpgDefusing Anger & Aggression - 6 - 12


systematic-supervision-elementary-school-small.jpgSystematic Supervision Elementary School preview here

middle school.pngSystematic Supervision Middle School

systematic-supervision-high-school-small.jpgSystematic Supervision High School

Social Emotional Curriculum


Social Emotional Learning is provided to all K - 8 students in Napa Valley Unified School District.  Most commonly the curriculum used is Second Step; for more information see:

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Elementary schools use additional curriculum, Steps to Respect, for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders specifically to target bullying.  For more information see:

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Sample Pacing Guide for lessons

How to Handle Problem Behavior