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Physical Education (PE)


Purpose of PE at NVUSD
Physical Education is a vital part of a child’s overall development and learning experience.  Our Physical Education program works to develop students’ knowledge, skills and confidence by teaching developmentally appropriate skills and activities that will foster lifelong fitness. Our curriculum promotes a high level of personal achievement and provides multiple opportunities for students to learn how to cooperate, communicate, collaborate and be creative through movement within a caring, supportive and nonthreatening environment.

NVUSD Board Policy for PE

NVUSD Administrative Regulation for PE

California PE Standards

PE Framework for CA Public Schools

Health Education Content Standards

Physical Fitness Testing

Elementary PE

Spark logoNVUSD utilizes the SPARK program for PE curriculum. SPARK is a research-based physical education program that was designed to involve and include all children, promote active movement, incorporate social skills, and emphasize both health-related fitness and skill development. The program allows physical education specialists and classroom teachers to build a strong, developmentally appropriate PE foundation that promotes moderate to vigorous physical activity, a positive classroom environment, and emphasize social skills. See the SPARK Video.


Grades TK-2


The focus for these early grades includes body and spatial awareness, locomotor and non-locomotor skills, directionality, balance, tempos and creative moves, stretching, strength development, catching, throwing, kicking, and dribbling-all of which support both individual skill building as well as application to individual and group sport activities.   Children learn to share, cooperate, take turns and experience personal success through movement.

Grades 3-6


The SPARK program for upper grades has been designed to include and involve all students, with a focus on being more active, incorporating social skills, and emphasizing health related fitness and skill development.  It provides opportunities for students to learn, practice, and master a range of skills and activities including sports, dance and fitness.  

Middle and High School PE

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