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English Learners Moving Forward Thanks to NVUSD Parent Volunteers
Posted 1/28/22


As a district that values the diversity of our valley, NVUSD is proud to serve our 16,500 students, including the 45% who are current or former English learners.


Many parents aren’t aware that we have a generous amount of support and resources available to these students – and much of those benefits are driven from our English Learners Advisory Councils (ELAC) and the District English Learners Advisory Council (DELAC).


What does DELAC do?

Our DELAC team is composed primarily of parents as well as administrators to support the ELAC councils that exist at schools. Specifically, the DELAC team - which conducts public quarterly meetings,  advises the school district on education programs and services for English learners. 


We caught up with our DELAC committee last month as they were participating in a leadership training session. They shared their priorities and emphasized the importance of parents stepping up to support their own children as well as other English language learners.


Elba Marquez, parent and DELAC President said, “An important aspect of what we do is to provide a voice for the students and a sense of belonging. The only way we can do this is to gather our parents – the best advocates – to support how we can make this happen in our schools, and also at home.” 


DELAC Vice President Rosario Mondragon added, “At the top of our priorities is the well-being of the kids – and part of that is making sure students and families are involved,” she said. “We are always looking for fresh ideas and approaches through feedback from parents.”


The others in the room agreed, citing that in order for a strong future, parents must step up and educate themselves on behalf of students. 

DELAC board members and trainers at December leadership training


“English Learners have diverse needs,” said DELAC Mayra Contreras, who represents Snow Elementary. “We are here to learn so that we can create and raise leaders– both for our children and parents.” 


“These dedicated parents are a critical part of ensuring that our English learners are getting the support and resources they need to succeed,” explained Viviana Lorea, who oversees the group and helps facilitate meetings and professional development. “All meetings are virtual and open to the public. I encourage parents to come, share your feedback, and tell us how we can best support your child and family.”


Learn more about the English Learner and District Advisory Councils at


Current DELAC Representatives

Elizabeth Martinez

Angelica Chavez

Rosalba Avina

Elba Marquez

Esbeidy B Pina

Rosario Mondragon

Laura Gavina

Julia Pelaez

Mayra Contreras