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Middle School Transition Days
Posted 6/3/22

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To bCollage of transitions day photosuild belonging to their new school community, our middle school students, staff and families participated in transition events during the month of April and May.  We kicked off the transition with Welcome Nights at all of our Middle Schools where incoming students and families learned about their new middle school, met staff, and toured the school with student leaders.  These nights were followed by Middle School Transition Days for 6th and 7th grade students from Harvest Middle School, River Middle School, Napa Valley Language Academy, Napa Valley Independent Studies, and Pueblo Vista Elementary School.  Over a two-day period, close to 500 NVUSD students participated in school tours and team building games led by student leaders and staff.  Middle school students from schools across the district connected with friends and made new connections to peers, staff, and the school community.  Colleagues built connections as they worked side-by-side to support students.  Last but certainly not least, NVUSD middle school staff participated in Early Release staff and team meetings on June 1. These events planted seeds for our students, families and staff that we know will grow as we launch school in the fall.




Transition Day collage