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In the News: Napa's Snow School Students Make Award Winning Films
Posted 6/9/22

Check out the story about Snow Elementary School's participation in the Youth Cinema Project and their award winning entries to Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival in The Napa Valley Register--Napa students win at Los Angeles Latino Film Festival. 


If you'd like to know more, you can read Ready, Set. Action! Snow Elementary Students Unlock the Power of Learning Through Filmmaking (use this link) about the beginning of the project in the fall. You can also scroll down to watch each of the films submitted by our students. 


Baby Bird 

Screenshot of Baby Bird Film


Camping Trip

Screenshot Camping Trip Film


Ghost Girl

Screenshot Ghost Girl Film


Haunted School

Screenshot Haunted Film


Living with Luci

Screenshot Living with Luci Film


Night of the Buddha

Screenshot Night of the Budhha Film


Sunny & the Sick Mom

Screenshot Sunny and the Sick Mom


The Walking Ghost

Screenshot The Walking Ghost Film


Snow Slideshow

Screenshot Youth Cinema Project Slideshow