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Summer Programs Help Students Keep Learning
Posted 7/22/22

This summer, in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club Napa Valley, Cool School, and EDMO, the Napa Valley Unified School District has had over 2,800 students participating in summer enrichment programs at 13 sites throughout Napa and American Canyon. This is all thanks to Bill 130 that Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law last summer during a visit to Shearer Elementary School. The bill gives school districts more funds to offer additional learning opportunities throughout the school year and over the summer. 


All students participating in these expansive programs engage in activities for learning and play provided by our partners daily. Throughout the morning, small groups of students rotate through classrooms with NVUSD teachers to receive targeted individual and small group instruction in language arts and math. 


At Phillips Elementary, Jennifer Ellison teaches “rising 1st graders” to prepare them for second grade. Describing the program she points out, ”Students develop skills at different paces, and these students were selected because they have shown that they would benefit from more time to develop their skills fully.” She highlighted, “They become better prepared for the upcoming school year as they gain confidence in their abilities. We play games with numbers, letters, and writing to accomplish this. As they play, students are given opportunities to read, write, and solve math equations.” 


At Willow Elementary, Lynette Young teaches “rising first graders” too. Describing their time together she said, “My students are learning phonics and reading skills for language arts as well as writing every day.” She made special note of the fact that she has “a chance to read with each student individually each day.” The students also work daily on basic math skills. According to Lynette, “They are reviewing number concepts, practicing number writing, addition, subtraction, and word problems.” Before the end of summer school, “they will work on measurement and shapes.” She finds the curriculum provided by the district to be “very helpful,” but like all great teachers, she says “I am adding to it for additional practice in skills my students need.” 


Also funded by the bill are the District’s before and after school care and winter break programming. If parents are interested, they can sign up for before and after school programming now. Additional information regarding the onsite before and after school provider can be found on the district webpage.  Parents should also keep an eye out for information in our Family Newsletter, social media, and website. For specific questions about these upcoming opportunities, please email Audrey Chubbs at


Students learning in Summer Programs at Willow Elementary

Caption: “Rising 1st grade students” preparing for 2nd grade at Willow Elementary.


Students learning in Sumemr Programs at Phillips Elementary

Caption: “Rising 1st grade students” preparing for 2nd grade at Phillips Elementary.