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Second Grade West Park Student Gets Real World Learning Experience
Posted 10/13/22


Cindy Kobylka, a West Park Elementary School teacher, starts each year by getting to know her new group of students. This year she has the pleasure of teaching a mathematically talented young man with perfect pitch and a keen interest in mechanical things. So, when Mike Pearson, Assistant Superintendent of Operational Services, visited West Park in September for NOSH’s fruit and vegetable of the month tasting (tomatoes and grapes), Cindy decided to introduce the two.


Growing up close to the school, the hum of the air conditioners at West Park always resonated with James. Given his interest in all things mechanical, James became interested in how they worked. “He became so interested that he found videos on YouTube to learn how they work,” Cecily, James’ mother, noted.  


When Mike met James and learned about his interest in air conditioners, he saw a teachable moment and invited James to turn his inquiry into a guided real world experience with one of NVUSD’s HVAC technicians, Sergio Rodriguez. Every three months, Sergio, along with three other technicians, replaces the filters and belts on each air conditioning unit at every site in the district. On Wednesday, October 12, West Park’s units were due for maintenance, and Mike invited James to assist. We invite you to enjoy the pictures below capturing his experience with Sergio.


2nd grade West PArk student engages in hands on learning