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Finding a School


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NVUSD School Boundary Maps

napa county NVUSD school boundariesGo to the Napa County Public GIS Browser
Note: May take 1-2 minutes to load

To find out which streets are included in a school boundary, click the “I want to…” button and select “Change visible map layers.” In the left sidebar, scroll down to NVUSD Elementary School, NVUSD Middle School, and NVUSD High School and make layer opacity adjustment diagramyour selection by checking the box. Next, on the map, click in an area to see the name of the school. To see street names under the school area, adjust the layer opacity bar in the Napa County section.

To search by the home address, make sure the NVUSD school map layer(s) have been selected (see paragraph above), the enter the address into the search window at the top right. Find the marker on the county map, then click on the area that contains it. A box will display under “I want to…” that shows the school name.

Interactive NVUSD Schools Map

Click on a school to visit its website