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Print and digital materials that support instruction as well as those that support independent reading and inquiry are made available in multiple formats to ensure equitable access.

Virtual Author Events 2021-2022

Dashka Slater - October, 28

Dashka SlaterDashka Slater is a journalist and an award-winning New York Times Bestselling author of children's and adult books. 

For her novel, The 57 Bus, Dashka received the 2018 Stonewall Book Award from the American Library Association and the 2018 Beatty Award from the California Library Association, among other accolades. 

In this novel, Dashka tells the true story of two teenagers living in Oakland and the crime that changed their lives. 

Napa High students started reading the book early this month and on Thursday, October 28th, secondary students from across the district will have the chance to join Napa High School Assistant Principal, Kate Gauger in conversation with Dashka Slater. After, we will post a recording of the event for everyone to watch.



Are you a student that is interested in reading the book?  Check it out for free through the SORA High School Collections:


Downloadable audiobook

The 57 Bus Book Cover

Are you an adult that is interested in reading the book? You can find it on Amazon or order it from your preferred retailer.