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Classroom Management

Classroom Management in Napa Valley Unified School District

In Napa Valley Unified School District we understand that one of teacher's most important jobs is managing classroom behavior effectively. The schoolwide Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (BEST) is the foundation for each classroom's management, providing guidelines and expectations for all students anywhere in the school, including the classroom.  It creates consistent procedures and language for all staff when reinforcing or correcting students.  Components of research based classroom management are establishing clear expectations and teaching them explicitly and frequently to students, arranging the room in a way conducive to effective management; providing positive and constructive feedback until the behavior becomes an automatic part of the daily classroom routine.  Establishing positive relationships with students has been shown in research to be the basis for all of these aspects of classroom management and can reduce problem behavior significantly. (Marzano, 2003b)  (Emmer, Evertson, & Worsham, 2003). 

While we do not endorse a specific method of classroom management, on this page you will find some of the resources that incorporate the above evidence based approach to how classrooms should be managed.

Videos for Elementary

Videos for Secondary


Troubleshooting Tools for Specific Behaviors

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Classroom Management Curricula

To check out any of these materials contact the PBIS Office!


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