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NVUSD Napa Fire Recovery Resources

Health and Coping

Wildfire Smoke and Face Masks



Tips for Survivors of a Disaster and Other Traumatic Events     

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Managing Stress - Identifies common stress responses in adults and how to take care of ourselves. 


Tips for Talking With and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Natural Disaster     

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Outlines responses of children to traumatic events/natural disaster broken down by age group and how to talk to them about it.


Community Mental Health Referrals     

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Includes a description of the immediate disaster relief mental health services and ongoing mental health services in the community. 


Ole Health

Food and Supplies

Food Resources



CalFresh Replacement and Expedited Benefits


Community #NapaStrong Pop-up Supply Store

1345 West Imola Ave., Napa (River Park Shopping Center)

M-F 10-7

Sat 10-5

Sun noon-5


Napa's Air Quality

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District provides current air quality information and forecasts:


>> Current Air Quality

>> Hourly Air Monitoring Data

>> 5-day Air Quality Forecast


Students with Asthma

If your student has asthma but does not have an inhaler at school and you want to send one,  please download the NVUSD medication form and ask your health care provider (doctor) to complete and sign it. Return it to your school office with your student's inhaler.    Medication Authorization Form for School


Si su estudiante tiene asma, pero no tiene un inhalador en la escuela y ustedes quieren enviar uno, por favor, descarguen el formulario de medicación NVUSD y pidan a su proveedor de cuidados sanitarios (doctor) que lo cumplimente y lo firme. Devuélvanlo a su oficina escolar junto con el inhalador de su estudiante.   Formulario de Autorización de Medicación para la Escuela

Napa County Schools Air Quality Activity Guidelines

Emergency Air Quality Guidelines for staff and students have been developed by the Napa County Office of Education and the five school districts in Napa County in conjunction with Napa County Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Relucio.  All of the K-12 public schools in Napa County will be adhering to these guidelines.  


The guidelines utilize the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Air Quality Index (AQI) numbers. 

  • If the AQI number is in the Green, Yellow, or Orange range schools will be open, with varying actions put in place to protect students and staff.

  • If the AQI is in the Red schools in that city or community will not be open for the day. Families will be notified via the usual communication channels by 3:00 pm if Red is expected the following day.   


The Napa County Schools Emergency Air Quality Guidelines is an easy-to-read color chart:

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More info:

Why may children be at greater risk than adults from air pollution? 

In many cases, children may have greater exposure than adults to airborne pollutants. Infants and children generally breathe more rapidly than adults, which increases their exposure to any pollutants in the air. Infants and children often breathe through their mouths, bypassing the filtering effect of the nose and allowing more pollutants to be inhaled. Children generally spend significantly more time outdoors than adults, especially during summer months when smog levels are highest.


Children are often more susceptible to the health effects of air pollution because their immune systems and developing organs are still immature. For example, lead that is inhaled is more easily deposited in the fast-growing bones of children. Irritation or inflammation caused by air pollution is more likely to obstruct their narrower airways. It may also take less exposure to a pollutant to trigger an asthma attack or other breathing ailment due to the sensitivity of a child's developing respiratory system. Exposure to toxic air contaminants during infancy or childhood could affect the development of the respiratory, nervous, endocrine and immune systems, and could increase the risk of cancer later in life. 


An excerpt from the American Lung Association of California

Videos about air quality and what we are doing to ensure our students remain healthy and safe (Oct. 16)





Videos (English/Español) that explain our decision-making process about when to re-open our schools (Oct. 12)



Complete list of videos