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iRead is a digital foundational reading program designed to close the achievement gap early and place ALL K-2 children on a predictable path to college and career. iRead is organized around five foundation principles to deliver the very best early-reading instruction.


  • A personalized learning progression for each child.
  • Embedded assessment that ensures children are taught to mastery.
  • The best thinking from cognitive science and gaming theory.
  • Technology that complements what teachers do best and enables them to maximize efficiency.
  • An engaging, supportive environment for children and their families.


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Watch the iRead Finishers Slideshow


"iRead is the best game! I love it!"

~2nd grade, Alta Heights


"I love all the different classrooms and teachers!" 

~2nd grade, West Park


"This program works!"

~1st grade teacher, Snow Elementary


"We've seen improvements with reading and writing because of iRead.  Our students and teachers love this program!"

 ~Principal, Pueblo Vista Elementary


"Our advanced learners are really liking it [iRead]!" 

~ Principal, Browns Valley Elementary

Stretching the Text Continuum