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Property Sale



NVUSD, like many other school districts in the State of California, is faced with the significant challenge of meeting its organizational mission in the face of limited or insufficient revenue with which to fulfill this responsibility. In order to operate on a fiscally-sound basis, many school districts have undertaken a comprehensive process of aligning ongoing expenses with ongoing revenues. As part of this effort, these same organizations have begun to analyze their real property resources to ensure that they are being optimized in terms of their operational efficiencies, fiscal sustainability, benefits to the community and ability to meet their mission of providing superior educational opportunities for its students.

To facilitate community input and in accordance with state law, a Real Property District Advisory Committee (“7- 11 Committee”) was established to comprehensively review demographic and student enrollment trends and how this related to the ongoing need for District-owned property listed below. 

Real Property District Advisory ("7-11") Committee Documents





Napa Junction Magnet Elementary School site

(American Canyon)

Provided the location of the fault line is established and deemed adverse to the use and expansion of the school, make efforts to work with the city of American Canyon on either entitling and selling the site at its “Highest and Best Use” or selling it to the city for expansion of the adjacent recreational fields. The District to then use these funds to relocate the school site (the District has already identified a viable site) to land owned by the city of American Canyon and/or surrounding private parcels. The school would not be moved off the current parcel until the new school site is identified and constructed.


Capell Valley Elementary School site

(Napa County)

Prior to selling the site to surrounding commercial or agricultural interests, that efforts be made to notify agencies and organizations that may have the willingness and ability to purchase, improve, and maintain the site for park purposes.

Board approved sale 11-17-2016

Wooden Valley Elementary School site

(Napa County)

Based on the nature of the site being vacant and very small (1.9-acres), the 7-11 Committee recommends the site be sold at its “Highest and Best Use”, anticipated to be a large lot for development of a single-family residential home.

Board approved sale 11-17-2016

Vintage Farm / Van de Leur

(City of Napa)

Recognizing the unique community resource it is, the 7-11 Committee moved that the property be sold for its “Highest and Best Use”, anticipated to be for a residential subdivision, with conditions that included:

  • The acquisition, relocation, and reconstitution of the school farm to a property or properties of no less than nine (9) acres, within a 1/2 mile walking distance to the high school, and that would not materially diminish the educational program and;
  • That the new farm, when acquired and if within the Napa agricultural preserve, be accompanied by Executive Summary Napa Valley Unified School District / 7-11 Advisory Report 7 a deed restriction that will ensure the community that the farm will never be developed or used for anything other than farm or agricultural purposes.

Board approved sale 10-24-2019

Pine Ridge

(Napa County)

Located in close proximity to the high school and adjacent to land owned by the Van Winden family, the 7-11 Committee recommended the following:

  • The District work with neighboring property owners to create a lot line adjustment such that both the District and neighboring property owners retain the same amount of gross acreage, but that they be reconfigured in a manner whereby the nine (9) acres owned by the District is located adjacent to the high school.
  • The District work with neighboring property owners to acquire a no less than nine (9) acres site located near the high school as a replacement for the Vintage Farm.