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System 44

System 44 is a breakthrough foundational reading program for our most challenged readers in Grades 3-12+, those reading at a BR-400 Lexile level.  Too often, the conversation about older struggling readers (Grades 3+) revolves around things they can't do. System 44 is the first program to celebrate and leverage what they can do. The program is built on a foundation of respect for the strengths that older students bring to the process of learning. Unlike their younger counterparts, older students have the capacity to understand complex systems such as Pokemon, World of Warcraft, Neopets, the NCAA finals, Facebook, and practically every video game available today.

Intentionally metacognitive, System 44 helps students understand that the English language is a finite and knowable system that, with effort, can be mastered. It contains 44 sounds and 26 letters. "Cracking the code" on these sounds and letters is the key to literacy. Like any system, the English language is full of rules, exceptions to the rules, shortcuts, and strategies. System 44 endeavors to make all of these transparent to students. It also gives them the tools to monitor their own progress and become an active participant in their own learning.