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Strategic Plan 2019-2024

We developed our five-year strategic plan for reaching our goals through focus, alignment and coherence. That means that we all agree on the work that is key to achieving our goals, and we all know our roles, responsibilities and opportunities in reaching those expectations on behalf of our students and families.


Students graduate college- and career-ready

  • Support the effective, consistent implementation of current State standards in ELA, Math, ELD, Science and History/Social Studies.

  • Implement a balanced literacy program that ensures all students TK - 12 read, write and communicate proficiently.

  • Assess student learning through a robust, balanced assessment system that includes formative, diagnostic, interim, summative and performance-based assessment tools to inform teaching and respond to students’ needs.

  • Improve performance outcomes for all students, and at least one year’s growth in one year’s time in all core subjects (ELA, Math, History/Social Studies, Science), World Language, Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education.

  • Provide college and career guidance, counseling and support to ensure students have a plan for high school and beyond.

Students experience responsive, engaging pedagogy

  • Implement inquiry-based learning grounded in State standards utilizing high-impact instructional strategies.

  • Establish a District standard for technology purchases and use in the areas of front of classroom, student/staff devices, blended learning portal/Intranet, and social media.

  • Use of District-supported technology tools, devices, platforms, resources and applications to support student creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and personalized learning.

  • Provide professional development and support for culturally and linguistically responsive teaching.

  • Ensure English Learners access to English language development throughout the day.

  • Promote and expand opportunities for NVUSD students, such as dual immersion and the Seal of Biliteracy, to instill multicultural competency and bilingualism.

Students thrive socially, emotionally and academically

  • Promote prevention and intervention programs that focus on health, wellness and positive personal and social development.

  • Support the effective, consistent implementation of PBIS and restorative practices.

  • Ensure the effective, consistent implementation of Multi-tiered Systems of Support for academic and behavioral intervention in order to provide differentiated support for all.

  • Promote and support athletic programs that comply with current best practice and provide student athletes with opportunities to learn and grow.

Students benefit from real-world experiences

  • Provide Career Tech Ed pathways at all high schools.

  • Promote teacher externships that inform their understanding of 21st century jobs.

  • Provide student work-based learning opportunities.

Collaborative, Transparent Interest-Based Problem Solving and Trust Within The Team

  • Support collaborative work relationships throughout the District by formalizing agreements with employee associations and fostering an interest-based problem solving approach to resolving conflict.

  • Attend to employee safety and wellness in the workplace.

  • Celebrate staff contributions throughout the District.

  • Create opportunities for employees to vet initiatives and tools through the user, practitioner perspective to improve implementation and scaling across the District.

Talented and Diverse Workforce

  • Attract, hire and retain the best employees throughout the District.

  • Develop the skills of our workforce through systematic training and a consistent evaluation process that supports professional growth.

  • Establish a pathway for successful promotional opportunities for employees.

  • Recruit teachers and administrators who reflect the diversity of our students.

Cultivate a Consistent Image and Message

  • Model and train for brand and message discipline Districtwide.

  • Practice proactive as well as reactive media and social relations.

  • Support informed employees, with a goal of excellent customer service and message support.

Two-way, Inclusive, and User-Friendly Stakeholder Engagement

  • Systematize parent engagement and advocacy efforts at the District and site level.

  • Provide outstanding, consistent translation services to our multilingual community.

  • Provide effective school site websites, parent communication and social media.

  • Provide and participate in varied forums for public engagement and feedback.

Taking a Stand for CA Public Schools

  • Facilitate strategic advocacy efforts, including Board resolution development and distribution

  • Lead advocacy efforts at the local and state level that position NVUSD to improve its capacity to serve all students and families effectively.

Inclusive and Responsive Emergency Communications

  • Work with Napa County Office of Emergency Services and community partners to institutionalize processes and protocols that ensure families are informed during area emergencies, in a timely and inclusive manner.

Educational Programs Benefit from Predictable and Stable Funding

  • Develop and implement a 3-year enrollment stabilization plan by January 2019, inclusive of possible changes in enrollment processes and intra- and inter-district policies, processes and procedures.

  • Through thoughtful discussions with community leaders at both city and county levels, determine the feasibility of a parcel tax, sales tax, other general/tourist based tax and any other possible revenue generation opportunities.

Alignment and Allocation of Resources Should Always Mirror NVUSD Board Priorities and Goals

  • District employees are our most valuable assets. Interest-based negotiations and council model have been the cornerstone of our positive labor relations for more than two decades. As this structure allows management and staff to remain focused on studentmachievement through implementation of Board priorities and goals, we will continue to support and nurture this management/labor model.

  • Annually conduct a review of master schedules and class sizes to determine effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Meaningful, constant and data driven review of our District-funded educational programs and extracurricular activities will be the foundation of our budget allocation recommendations.

Assess and Develop those Community Partnerships that Align, Support and Protect NVUSD Educational Programs and Resources

  • Search out and identify new potential partnerships.

  • Annually evaluate all 3rd-party agreements and MOUs for data-based effectiveness and compliance with Board priorities and goals.

Maximize Effective and Sensible Facilities Management Based Upon Measurable Economic Realities

  • Annually review and update the Measure H implementation plan.

  • Continuously review and update demographic analysis to inform best use of facilities and our progress in attracting and retaining students.

  • Allocate a minimum of 2.5% of the general fund budget for routine restricted maintenance to ensure ALL school facilities are maintained throughout the school year; actually use the allocated funds to address facilities needs.

  • Fund annually the NVUSD deferred maintenance program at a minimum of 0.5% of the general fund budget to make targeted major repairs to our buildings.

  • Wherever possible, NVUSD schools will use recycled water and alternative energy sources, implement energy-saving programs and

  • participate in the composting/recycling initiative mandated by the State of California by 2020.

  • Establish achievable and consistent standards for school maintenance with a focus on school cleanliness and improved work order responsiveness.

  • Institutionalize tools, processes and systems of support to serve our community in emergency preparedness and response.

Valuing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Promote equity by increasing institutional access to historically underserved groups.

  • Promote diversity and actively create a community of inclusion for all students, families and staff.

  • Create systems across all departments and schools that intentionally ensure everyone is respected and feels that they are part of an inclusive organization.

Learning Culture of High Professional Standards

  • Create a community of learners that empowers others to reach high levels of performance to achieve the District’s vision through feedback, professional learning communities, and use of best adult learning and leadership practices.

  • Ensure all staff across all employee groups have access to common professional learning experiences that promote employee engagement and development and that align with the District’s strategic goals.

Collaborative Relationships

  • Create the infrastructure at the site and District level for teams to collaborate and integrate their work effectively and in a manner that demonstrates we value time as an organization.

  • Empower staff to build strong relationships through high-trust strategies such as interest-based problem solving and restorative practices.

Foster Effective Governance

  • Implement best practices for Board leadership and engagement.

  • Establish governance structures and communication mechanisms that develop trustee capacity to deeply engage with, analyze and study with District issues that require board direction and approval while creating efficiency.

Policy Review, Development and Implementation

  • Ensure Board policies are current, relevant, clear and easily accessible to the staff and the public.

  • Align District work to policies.

  • Ensure effective implementation of policies through ongoing training and accountability.