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Student Threat Assessment Process

NVUSD is committed to assuring the safety of all school community members. To help meet this end, a procedure was identified to assess student threats of violence, assist with conflict resolution, and document that process. This protocol is an important piece of our PBIS system, which aims to create a safe climate at all schools in the district. It is designed to be completed by a team of responders which could include administrators, psychologists, counselors, school resource officers, social workers, nurses, teachers and other support personnel.

Threat Assessment Doc Button


The form is designed to be completed on-screen, with instructions and some suggested interventions included.  School staff are encouraged to adapt their response to meet the situation and individual needs.  This assessment is not designed as a disciplinary procedure, but rather as an intervention and conflict resolution tool.  Disciplinary actions may be included in the response, but restorative justice philosophy and practices should guide the process.




1. Click the print button in the upper right corner of the window.

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2. Change the printer to Save as PDF or to Save to Google Drive.

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When you Save to Google Drive, it doesn't give you the option to name the file or where to put it, so it lands in the main google drive folder of the account of the person who is saving. The file name ends up being about 100 characters long in Google-speak. But, you can change the name of the file in the Google Drive, and you can move it to another Drive folder if you want.


When you Save as PDF, you can name the file and save it where you would like it, but you would need to then move it to the Google drive if that's the desired destination.



Rich Whitall

School Counselor

(707) 253-3508


Steve Perry

Student Assistance Program Coordinator

(707) 738-4611




These procedures were identified and adapted by a committee formed in May, 2016:

Corinne Gomez, School Counselor

Emily Jordan, School Psychologist

Adam Lecount, School Resource Officer

Kristin Nelson, School Social Worker

Steve Perry, Student Assistance Program Coordinator

Rich Whitall, School Counselor

Mike Williams, School Resource Officer